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clone burger

Clone burger for only $325,000

The main reason for choosing a vegan diet is a moral ambition to avoid animal cruelty that comes from low quality farming …


New hug vest offers therapy

A hug, an action so simple yet so comforting. People say a hug is not just an action to express feelings but …


$5000 diamond pulled out of her butt

Due to the 65th year celebration of the women’s club of Tampa, USA, The organizers decided to run a special game of luck among the participants  Each …

robot legs for handicapped

Robot legs for handicapped – The Tek RMD

The Tek RMD is a modern substitute for the wheelchair, a kind of robot legs for handicapped people, that allows lower-body paralyzed people to mobilize like healthy …

HIV infected baby

Doctors cure HIV infected baby

Doctors cure HIV infected baby – giving her the cocktail within 30 hours after being born. after a month it turned out …


Helicopter jump started by car

A helicopter bringing guests from overseas to visit Israel’s religious graves in the country’s north, wasn’t able to take off. The pilot – with the help of some …