Anti bug spray will freeze cockroaches

freeze cockroach

Freeze ray!

Anti bug spray will freeze cockroach for easy disposal instead of a choking smelly spray.

Ever used an anti bug spray only to feel like you’re the one being sprayed, and not the cockroach?

A few days ago, in the middle of my living room, I found a big fat cockroach. I live on the 3rd floor and every year my apartment suffers from constant attacks of cockroaches that come out from their holes and fill my house with their presence.

No matter what I try to do against them, it doesn’t seem to work. Raid spray does not effect them anymore, my pets cant hunt them down and even when I politely ask them to leave – they don’t listen.

In Japan, Where the summer is very hot and the cockroaches are not afraid to show themselves  they developed a new revolutionary new spray that will dispose of these bugs in a new and deadly way.

The spray bottle releases compressed air in a freezing temperature of 75C (167F) degrees that just freezes the bug in its place. When its frozen it becomes very easy to evacuate it out of the apartment with a piece of paper.

freeze cockroach

Frozen bug

The spray is designed to be more healthy and environmentally friendly than any other anti-bug sprays, but on the other hand – it seems like an inconvenience to accidently get a freezing spray splash on an exposed body part.

I guess it’ll be even more of an inconvenience for the cockroach.


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