Car gadgets – Newest stuff from CES 2013

car gadgets

CES 2013

Car manufacturers use CES 2013 to compete on the driver’s attention with advanced multimedia systems, driver less cars, wireless charging stations and more of those car gadgets. Driver’s compartment never seen more futuristic.

Get into your car and ignite it with your smartphone: this year the CES industry talked mostly about new kind of televisions and an overall about the smart-house idea – caliming the only thing we are missing now is the ability to connect to our washing machine using our smartphones.

Not only, along these – this year another part blossomed – The car industry, which showed in turn, a lot of new and interesting developments, some required and some visible, yet still – totally futuristic.

Starting from driver less car, unique multimedia systems that read twitter and Facebook statues out loud – and even locking your car with an app – seems like the car industries decided to conquer the hearts of the drivers with advanced driver-cabin technologies and less with engine and technical specifications.

Here are some of the newest innovations that are suppose to make all of our lives (on the road) more pleasant, and more connected than ever.

Wireless Charging Station

The wireless charging trend is gaining its attention, and the world of vehicles does not stay behind. ‘Delpi‘ presented a charging cell that you can put in different location inside the car. You can just throw your cellular phone in the cell and it will charge it while driving. No need for special chargers and annoying tangled wires. This little feature is still in development, it is something that i would definitely be happy to see in the coming cars.

car gadgets

Delphi’s charging cell


Talking Status\Tweet

In an age where smartphones is also our music player – from mp3s and streaming music stations – there is no reason we wont use it in our car as well. Pioneer, for example, presented a GPS system that has an integrated streaming music apps (like Pandora), and social apps. instead of peeking your Facebook while you stand in a red traffic light – why don’t you just listen to what your friends have to say? this new multimedia system would be able to read you the status (or tweet) out loud, so you can continue to drive safely without taking your eyes off the road.

car gadgets

Pioneer GPS multimedia system

Driver-less car

What started as an ambitious and intriguing experiment from Google – is slowly becoming reality. Audi, one of the noticeable companies in the show, presented ‘Piloted driving’ – Auto pilot technology that knows how to navigate, accelerate and break the car by itself while driving under 40 miles per hour. It will also park the car for you whether you are in the street or a parking lot. Audi plans to examine this technology more closely in Nevada, which passed a law that permits test drives for driver-less cars.

car gadgets

Piloted Driving will park the car for you

 Locking, Opening and Igniting you car wirelessly

Combining unique hardware in the vehicle, along with a smart-phone app, will give you the option to lock your car from a distance using your smart-phone, unlocking it and even starting it, all without even being near it.


car gadgets

Ford’s smartphone app

Another service this app provides is an emergency button, that will operate the car alarm. The price: $299 for the hardware installation and another $3 a month for the service.


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