iPhone 7 Speculation Gains Pace


We have had speculation and rumor running rife about the new iPhone 7 release expected this September and as per norm, those rumors and speculation do not die, in fact they gain pace as the year moves on.

Rumor had it that the headphone jack was going to be removed, that the phone would boast faster Touch ID, would have a waterproof design with dual camera configuration (although these would be limited to the larger models.) Also it is expected that the phone will come in three different variants, the 4inch, the 4.7inch, and the 5.5inch with 2GB of RAM (this is increased to 3GB in the 7Plus and 7Pro). Rumour of larger batteries and a possible A10 chip are also circulating.

The latest offering of information about the new iPhone 7 comes in the form of a leaked photo (although we have had fake photos previously, and the source of this one is questionable) but what is worth mentioning is that this time the specifications appear to match up with the rumors for the first time.

The news blog was published in the Czech language and the photos are claimed to be from the Weibo social network.

So what is the leaked photo showing? Well it appears to show that the iPhone 7 has a metal unibody with similar dimensions to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. Also the antenna lines are towards the top and bottom of the phone, unlike the horizontal lines that run across the current iPhone 6 and 6Plus.

There also appears to be an extra hole situated between the camera hardware and the dual-LED flash. This extra hole actually conflicts with the iPhone 7 schematics which were leaked earlier in the month, but it is speculated that one of the holes is a rear microphone to capture audio whilst videos are being recorded, but that second hole is a mystery although some say that it could be used for stereo recording or maybe for a laser auto-focus module like the Google Nexus 5X and Google Nexus 6P. Other mobile devices that have the laser auto-focus include the LG and G3, and the LG and G4. The laser auto-focus system would improve photos that are taken in a lower light, and this would appeal to many users.

The leaked photo does not show a Smart Connector, although there is rumor that it is only the larger iPhone 7 will have one included. A Smart Connector enables the device to connect with compatible products like the Apple Smart Keyboard.

What is a definite though is that the new iPhone will undoubtedly work seamlessly with the apps that you can download which is what makes your iPhone so personal to you. Being able to personalize like this, to tailor make your mobile device to your own needs whether they are playing mobile games on sites like Fruityking.co.uk or budgeting for a holiday to checking out your health requirements there is an app for any occasion and that is what makes this device so popular and it is hard to imagine our lives without our mobile devices.

Unfortunately the leaked photo does not show the bottom of the iPhone which would have shown whether the 3.5mm headphone jack would be replaced with stereo speakers, so we shall just have to wait for the next round of rumours, speculations and leaked photographs!

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