Wanted: people to go to mars

people to go to mars

Mars one colony

The CEO of the private spacae project called Mars One, is looking for people to go to mars, but with only a one way ticket. “The technology that allowes people to fly to mars and live on the planet exist”, Said Bas Lansdorp in an interview this week for CBC Radio,”But the technology to bring them back still does not exist.”

Lansdorp says he is looking for people he can trust, that are really good in team work and that are the best in the worst situations.

The candidates for the trip will go through 8 years of training, the search for them already began. The one way flight is expected to leave earth on September,2022. In the year 2023, the four first passengers will land on Mars. They will settle in place and build a research center with the help of oxygen balloons (Mars atmosphere hardly has any oxygen in it, but mostly CO2) so they can do research tasks that were un doable by the robot rovers. Every two years a new group of settlers will arrive to the red planet, with a one way ticket , until the new colony will be populated by 20 astronauts.

Another bonus for the passengers: Project Mars One is supposed to be not only unprecedented in the space exploration programs, but also the biggest reality show ever made.

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