Wireless toilet flush with your smartphone

Wireless toilet flush with your smartphone

Wireless Toilet

A visit to your local public bathroom is always a doubtful experience to those among us who is over-aware about self hygiene. Every touch of the water’s handle or the seat might make you very discomfort, considering the huge amount of germs that reside there. (Even if you wash your hand with soap afterwards.)

That is why the Japanese company “Lixil” have invented ‘Satis‘, A Bluetooth-based smartphone application that wirelessly control your toilet. These smart toilets support flushing your toilet without touching it and automatically raising the toilet seat, amongst other things.

The application for the smart phone will allow users to play their favorite music through speakers that are installed on the toilet, and run an “exit” diary to follow their stool. Did I mention this is Japanese? Surprising.

Wireless toilet flush with your smartphone

Is it hack proof?

I sure hope no one will hack my toilet. Wouldn’t want it to be flooded with… pings.





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