Haunted hotels: Not for the weak of heart

Suicide, Murder or sudden death are the basis for macabre stories about ghosts that wander around in haunted hotels around the world and haunt the guests. Apparently, ghosts prefer luxurious hotels.

A large number of ghosts , or atleast thats what some say, are walking around in ancient castles in england. but ghosts are not limited to the british island, and sometimes they wander from castles and deserted old houses for the convenience of hotels. whether you believe in ghost stories or are suspense and mystery enthusiasts, you would probably like to know some of the most haunted hotels in the world. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Del Coronado hotel, San diego, California

haunted hotels

Del Coronado Hotel

The body of Kate Morgan was found in room 302, 6 days after she arrived to the Del Coronado hotel to meet her husband in the thanksgiving of 1892. Her husband never showed up, and Kate’s sudden death was told to be a suicide. The hotel changed the room number to 3312, but they say Kate’s spirit is walking around in the entire hotel.

Shieldhill Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

The visitors of the hotel tells the tale of the “Gray mistress” that haunts the Shieldhill castle in Edinburgh. According to the legend, the gray mistress was the child of the couple who owned the castle up to the mid 20th century. They say she fell in love with one of the servants and wished to marry him. Her father obviously opposed to the marriage, so she killed herself.

Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, Los Angeles, California

Haunted hotels

Hollywood Roosevelt

A lot of celebrities used to stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel that stood in the heart of hollywood’s cinema industry. In the hotel’s glamorous times it even hosted the Oscars. The legend tells that the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, that used to be a regular in room 1200 at the hotel, still wanders around – and sometimes show herself in the lobby’s mirror.

Sagamore hotel, Bolton Landing, New York

They say that in this luxurious hotel there is a ghost of a little child from the 50s – that used to collect golf balls from the hotel’s golf yards and sell them to sport shops to make some money. One day, while chasing a ball – he got run over by a car. The hotel’s guests, so they say, can still see his ghost around the golf courts.

Provincial hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana 

New orleans is known for it’s ghost stories. Part of the Provincial hotel was used as a confederation army hospital during the civil war in the united states. The hotel’s room keepers report the mysterious appearing and disappearing of blood stains. Also – at one time – the elevator door opened on the second floor and revealed a whole hospital room, to the amazed eyes of the hotel visitors.

Driskill hotel, Austin, Texas

haunted hotels


The smell of cigar is carried in the air when the spirit of colonel Driskill, an officer of the Confederation army during the civil war in the united states, is wandering around in the luxurious hotel in Austin, Texas. But this is not the only ghost in the hotel. In 1877, the daughter  a senator from Texas fell to her death in the hotel stairway. They say you can still hear her play her ball in the lobby and the mid floors.

Marshal House, Savannah, Georgia

Marshal house in Savannah was also used as a hospital during the civil war in the 19th century, in a time where the fever was spreading – and it was considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in the city. If you’d want to meet more ghosts, you could visit the famous Pirate House restaurant  a ditch that was dug by the pirates that leads from the restaurant to the river.

Heathman hotel, Portland, Oregon 

Visitors of the Heathman hotel reported of objects disappearing from rooms or miraculously moving without anyone entering the room. These happens repeatedly  especially in rooms with the number 03 in them.


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