Helicopter jump started by car

helicopter jump started by car

The car and the helicopter

A helicopter bringing guests from overseas to visit Israel’s religious graves in the country’s north, wasn’t able to take off. The pilot – with the help of some locals managed to jump start the helicopter by connecting the cables to a car.

An extraordinary sight happened this last weekend in Miron, Israel: A helicopter jump started by car. The story started when Jewish visitors that live in New York, came to visit Israel, and wanted to tour around famous religious figures graves in the upper Galil. They arrived by chopper to Miron where the Religious Council, Danny Saida met them and joined them to the graves tour.

At the end of the our Saida took the visitors back to Miron to their helicopter, They climbed inside – the pilot tried to start the helicopter’s engine but with no success. He tried it over and over again when eventually the battery depleted and the chopper did not take off.

“The pilot asked for our help”, Said Danny Saida, “he explained that you can jump start the helicopter with cables from vehicles. the problem is that the cars batteries were 12 volt and the helicopter is using 24 volt”

“The pilot show resourcefulness – he asked us to get two cars near the chopper, and then he preformed a connection between the two car batteries and from there to the helicopter which makes a 24 voltage power”. After a few attempts the helicopter’s engine started working, the propeller started spinning and everyone was happy that the guests could go safely back to Tel Aviv.


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